April 3, 2024 Weekly Update

Jared   -  

Happy Wednesday!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday celebration at church last Sunday. I’m very thankful for our wonderful musicians, instrumentalists, greeters, ushers, a/v experts, and other helpers who gave their time and energy to help us celebrate our resurrected Savior! Thank you!

Speaking of resurrection, our sewer contractors are busy “resurrecting” our Fellowship Hall building’s connection to the city sewer system. We had a septic tank – who knew!?! Below you will see some pictures of their progress. We are hoping the project will be finished on Friday, April 5. Thank you for making a financial pledge to help us pay for this unexpected project. Remember, please pay your pledge by June 30 of this year.

This sewer project has kicked up a lot of dust in our kitchen and Fellowship Hall. See the invitation below to help us clean up tomorrow!



Easter Blessings,

Pastor Jared