May 1, 2024 Weekly Update

Jared   -  

Happy May Church!

Our denominations General Conference continues this week in Charlotte, NC. Despite some attempts by bad actors to harm to agenda and mission of the conference this year (delegates who are aligned with conservative groups who have disaffiliated form the UMC over the past 2 years but are still serving as UMC delegates), the conference is accomplishing so much to right the ship of the UMC and move it into the next chapter of God’s desire for the people called Methodists.

This week, much of the harmful legislation passed by Traditionalists at the 2019 special called General Conference has been removed. Passed legislation now allows gay clergy in good standing to be appointed across annual conference lines, and a removal of a ban on boards of ordained ministry from considering candidates without evaluating whether they are “self-avowed practicing” gay people. Legislation also struck down the requirement that bishops rule gay candidates ineligible for ministry.

General Conference also approved two additional bishops for Annual Conferences in Africa – the church is growing and leadership is needed! The conference also approved a formal apology for the denomination’s complicity in the 1893 overthrow of Queen Lili’uokalani’s monarchy in the Hawaiian Islands.

On Monday, our Bishop – Bishop Karen Oliveto – preached during the worship service. An old friend from Western North Carolina commented that “Bishop Karen’s sermon was proof you could deliver a great sermon in under 10 minutes!” Here’s a link to listen (It’s the first 15 minutes of the video). She mentions Montana and all the churches and ministries founded and nurtured by Brother Van in the 1800’s.

General Conference continues to meet through this week, adopting budgets and discern petitions and legislation. Please keep our denomination and all the delegates in your prayers.



Pastor Jared