COLUMBIA FALLS FOOD BANK:   Feeding The Hungry As You Feed Your Spirit – Lenten Food Drive:  During the six weeks of Lent, we will be having a reverse offering during our worship services. A special offering plate will be circulated.  You may take a slip of paper which names the food item(s) we will be collecting the following Sunday for the Columbia Falls Food Bank.  The colored slip of paper is a reminder to bring that particular food item, or multiples of that item to church with you the next Sunday.  Food items can be placed under the table in the church entryway.  This will be done every Sunday, beginning on February 11th and culminating on Palm Sunday, March 25th. 

ANGOLA SUNDAY:   We continue to celebrate Angola Sunday every third Sunday (Feb 18, 2018).  Our loose change placed in baskets on this day goes to support our covenant relationship with Ken Koome, missionary in East Angola Methodist Conference. 

CANYON COMMUNITY DINNER (Feb. 22):   These free dinners are located in the Hungry Horse Elementary School and begin at 5:30pm.  Call Nancy Flint if you would like to volunteer. 

PRAYER QUILT MINISTRY:  To request a prayer quilt for a loved one, contact the church office at 892-5811.

KNITTING FOR HOSPICE:  We meet every fourth Wednesday for a lunch “knit-in” at various local restaurants.  Contact Mary Kay Sinclair at 406-890-3885 or email mks406@gmail.com for more information.  Thank you all again for your dedication to this project.  We know from the feedback we get from Jan Seeyle that the Hospice patients are blessed by our work.

Christmas Shoe Box Ministry:   Thank you to everyone who participated in this worthwhile ministry and for helping to put smiles on the faces of children with needs!  Rev. Calvin collected all 48 gift boxes we have collected for BUMP (Blackfeet United Methodist Parish). 


THANK YOU FOR FOR KITS Thank you CFUMC for contributing supplies for UMCOR Cleaning kits!  They will be delivered to the UMCOR depot in Salt Lake City where the supplies will be assembled into buckets and readied for delivery to US & International disasters.  These supplies enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood or hurricane.